Star Trek is a science fiction franchise comprising six television series, ten films plus numerous books, comics, games and collectibles.

Originally it was a product of Desilu Studios as created by Gene Roddenberry in a first draft series proposal "Star Trek is..." dated 11 March 1964.

Beginning with a single pilot episode, "The Cage", filmed in 1964, Star Trek was not placed on the schedule of the NBC network until a second pilot episode, "Where No ManClick Here Has Gone Before", was produced in 1965.

The 20052006 TV season was the first television season since 1987 without a new Star Trek series being broadcast, though all series remain in syndication.

As a result of the 2005 split between the former Viacom and CBS, any future Star Trek television productions will fall under the ownership of CBS Paramount Network Television. Via licensing agreements, future films continue to be produced and distributed by Paramount Pictures. An eleventh film was announced by Paramount Pictures in April 2006, for release in 2009.

Currently, licensees of Star Trek publications (reference works and novels) and collectibles include Art Asylum toys and Pocket Books. Older licenses for previously produced material belong to numerous companies.

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